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About us

Shandong Zhongtai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Likang Biomedical Technology Holding Group. Located in the hometown of Shun Emperor, the hometown of dinosaurs ---Zhucheng,ShandongProvince, it is one of the birthplaces of the ancient civilization of the Chinese nation. Zhucheng is one of the earliest pilot cities for the reform of state-owned joint-stock enterprises, located inShandongPeninsula, transportation is accessible in all directions, and the light industry and manufacturing industry is developed greatly.


Zhongtai Medical Instrument Company is a professional supplier of product design, research and development, production, sales and service. The company has total assets of 87 million RMB, 562 employees, including 118 senior engineering and management personnel, covering an area of 25,000 square meters. The company has R&D center "National Pressure Vessel Design and Manufacturing Qualifications", "Medical Device Production Qualifications of the People's Republic ofChina" and "Sterilization Equipment Product Registration Certificate". It is "WeifangHighTemperatureSterilizationAutomationEquipmentEngineeringTechnologyResearchCenter". It has more than 20 patents for invention and practical new type. The company has advanced technology, CAD/CAM design and development platform, first-class processing equipment, skilled professionals, professional production of various disinfection and sterilization equipment, disinfection and supply center equipment, steam generators, air shower room and various stainless steel processing products, has the right to import and export, formed a perfect company operating system of product development, process design, production inspection, production and operation, storage and transportation, after-sales service in-body.

Our company adheres to the core values of "devoting to human science and technology, ensuring a healthy life"; to pursue the enterprise mission of "heart-centered life, protecting health, benefiting millions of people"; to adhere to the development path of "innovation-oriented, science and technology leading". Continuously absorb the leading international technology and processing technology, innovation and development. Our company takes the market as the guidance, pays attention to the product structure adjustment, unceasingly renews and develops the new product, each kind of series product, the structure and the technology achieves the international standard, is the user most ideal choice, the foreground is brilliant, the heavy duty is long, our Zhongtai people will pursue as always "the harmonious development, the good faith win-win" the management idea. With excellent products, we work hand in hand with the global health care workers, and are committed to the cause of human health.

"Attention to details, create quality" – Zhongtai Company is willing to cooperate with the vast number of domestic and foreign customers, harmonious communication, coordinated development, create a win-win situation!


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